Small Salon Furniture Acquisition Tips

In a large number of cases, salon owners do not have the luxury of space when setting up their first salon business. The challenge of limited space is often felt when it comes to the purchase and installation of furniture items to be used in the salon.

Because beauty salons would not be the same without these furniture items, here are a few tips related to the acquisition of furniture items that are to be installed in small salon areas.

Playing With Colours

The colour of furniture items chosen for small salon space often has a significant impact on the look and feel of the salon. Salon owners are advised to go for lighter colour schemes when choosing salon furniture items.  The lighter the colour scheme chosen for furniture items, the more airy and open the small space will feel. Dark-coloured styling chairs (for example) can make the salon look congested, which is counter-productive for beauty salons where space is limited.

A consistent colour scheme would also be preferred for salon furniture items. While playing with different-coloured furniture items can achieve an artistic effect, it can also make the salon area look “busy” and crowded.

Storage Cabinets                                     

Storage cabinets are mandatory furniture items needed in any salon regardless of size. However, when it comes to salon areas with limited space, the right choice of storage cabinets will help to ensure maximum utilization of the small space available.

Salon owners are advised to invest in storage cabinets that open and close using a slide mechanism instead of the traditional-style cabinets that open out. By not opening out whenever access to the storage cabinet is required, the cabinets help to keep work stations and walkways around the salon area open. This helps to combat the feeling of congestion in the small salon area.

Go Easy On The Mirrors

The less the number of mirrors installed around a small salon area, the better. This is bound to come as a shocker to many considering that mirrors are known to create the illusion of space in small rooms.

The situation is slightly different when it comes to a small salon. Having mirrors installed all over the place may not go down well with some clients. This is because the client often becomes the centre of attraction (through their reflected images on the mirrors) in the small area. This can easily make clients feel like they’re on display. Mirrors are used in large-sized salon areas because there’s a lot going on in the large space, making it difficult for the attention of those in the salon to be focused on a specific client.

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Author: Elizabeth Engel Hardt

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