Five Myths about Eyebrow Maintenance and the Truth Behind Them

Sadly, there are a lot of myths around eyebrow maintenance, and if you buy into any of these myths, it can disrupt your ability to achieve perfectly beautiful eyebrows. Here is a look at some of the most common myths and mistakes make in eyebrow maintenance and how to avoid them.

1. Myth: Intense plucking or waxing in the middle is the only way to avoid the dreaded unibrow

Afraid of the mono or unibrow, many people overcompensate by heavily plucking or waxing the area in the middle of their eyebrows. You do not need to do this. Instead, you just need to be careful and focus on subtle removal techniques in this area.

Make a space between the two eyebrows to distinguish them from each other, but do not extend it past the edges of the bridge of your nose. If you pluck so that the edges of each brow are parallel with your outer nostrils, your nose will end up looking large and your eyes spaced too far apart.

2. Myth: You don’t need to address the arch

When plucking or waxing, you don’t want to disrupt the natural shape of your arch but you also don’t want to ignore the eyebrow arch completely. Instead, get rid of excess hairs beneath the arch to create a slight lift in your brows, and get rid of excess hairs over your arch to clean up your brows.

3. Myth: There is nothing you can do with a botched eyebrow job

If you botch your eyebrow shaping, you don’t have to give up and wear a mask. A bit of eyeliner or a brow pencil can fill in sparse areas, and a bit of concealer can hide hairs as they grow in.

You can also see a professional to help you with mistakes that you made at home.

4. Myth: Waxing and plucking do not mix

Many people choose either waxing or plucking and believe that is the only service they should use. However, that is not strictly true. If you wax your brows, you can pluck in between appointments to keep stray hairs under control.

Similarly, if you typically pluck your eyebrows, consider getting them waxed once in a while. A skilled waxer gives you an attractive line to follow which ultimately makes your plucking efforts more successful.

5: Myth: waxing is the same for everyone

Not everyone has the same experience with waxing. If your skin is healthier, you will find waxing to be less painful and more successful. However, if your skin is dry and brittle, waxing may bother it. Talk with a professional waxer or a place like Lets Face It Skin Care Clinic to see if your skin is a good candidate for successful waxing and how to make it healthier if it is not.


Author: Elizabeth Engel Hardt

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