Stay cool this summer with these fashion trends for men

The summertime is the best time of year with beach parties, pool time, and relaxing evening barbecues. But in terms of fashion, it can be hard for a guy to know how to dress in the summer months. In the winter, it is easy to look chic with blazers, tailored jeans, and chunky knits. But what happens when the sun comes out, it’s baking hot outside, and against your better judgment, you just want to wear those short shorts you mistakenly bought last year?

Put them down because it’s 100% possible to look chic throughout the summertime – you just need to have an awareness of these summer apparel trends for men.

Summer stripes. Stripes are huge this summer. They are effortlessly chic and they can lend an element of pattern to a look that might otherwise be dull, without being over the top. Stripes just look elegant and smart. Of course, there is the standard blue and white stripy sailor look that you can go for, but try and have some more fun with stripes this year. Try candy coloured vertical stripes on a pair of shorts or go for irregular vertical stripes on a button up short-sleeve shirt.

Statement reds. Red is a colour that has a reputation as being difficult to pull off, but it’s been all over recent runway shows, and you can totally integrate it into an everyday summer look. The key with red is not to go overboard with it. With such a bold colour choice, you really only need one red item in an outfit to make a strong sartorial statement. Red tailored khaki trousers turned up at the end and teamed with loafers makes a strong summer picnic look. And if you are feeling a little less adventurous, just pop on a red cap.

Feeling floral. Floral patterns and prints are generally seen as feminine, and yes, they can have that effect. But so what? Floral prints are fun and they positively scream “summer time”, so why not just go for it and opt for a fun, floral print? Again, the key with a floral is not to overdo it. You only need one floral item in a look. There are tons of floral shirts on the market, and if you are more daring, go for lightweight floral trousers.

Take note of these summer apparel trends when you visit shops like Zibara, and you’ll be making heads turn for all the right reasons.

Author: Elizabeth Engel Hardt

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