Reasons You Should Avoid Making Your Own Skin Care Products

It only takes a few minutes of searching online to find a treasure trove of home made skin care product recipes using everything from plants to kitchen pantry supplies. Though they may be ideal initially, the truth is there are some reasons that you should avoid making these recipes at home for long-term skin care routines. Here are a few of those reasons to consider.

Inappropriate Essential Oil Use

One of the ingredients that you will see in the majority of do-it-yourself recipes are essential oils. The issue with making your own skin care products containing these oils is the amount and safety of their use. If you are using a perfumed oil or a high concentration oil then you could end up burning or drying out your skin.

Certain oils may not be suitable for contact with the skin. If you want to create your own skin care products, then you should avoid the use of oils until you have a proper understanding of handling and use for each one.

Improper Storage

When you read the recipes for some of the skin care products, you may find that they are missing a valuable and key piece of information. How to store the skin care products you make is important to not only the longevity of the product, but also to the safety and use.

For example, if you make a product that uses sugar, coconut oil, and honey you may end up with an ideal face care product but one that attracts ants and causes major pest concerns. You may also make a face care product that contains oatmeal and works wonders, but with improper storage you could have mould in your products.

Allergy Concerns

One of the reasons many people turn to making their own skin care products is due to allergies. You may have an allergy to sulphates or other common ingredients in commercially manufactured products. The problem is that just because a skin care recipe uses only food products, it doesn’t mean it will not cause an allergic reaction. For example, sulphates exist in many products and may not be listed depending on the product itself and guidelines for that product. This means you could make your own skin care and have the same issues as you did with the store bought options.

If you want to make your own skin care based on allergies, eco-friendly issues, or animal testing concerns then consider speaking to a health store representative or to a spa professional, such as those found at Ella Bache’ Castletown. There are many brands on the market that are organic, eco-friendly, and free of animal testing that you may want to consider as alternatives. 

Author: Elizabeth Engel Hardt

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