Club Uniforms: The Marks Of Good Fabric

There are diverse benefits of purchasing and wearing club uniforms, including brand marketing, encouraging team spirit and giving members a feeling of equality. Choosing the best attire can be challenging because there are different style ideas and practical factors that should be considered. The primary aspect to start off the search for a perfect uniform should be the fabric because it dictates the quality and expediency of the final products. Here are some of the important features to think about so as to ensure that you have the best type of uniform material.


The primary uniform will be worn for long periods in varying conditions, so comfort is an essential factor. The feel of the material should be soft, because abrasive cloths may cause adverse reactions on people with sensitive skin. An airy choice with optimal breathability will also mitigate discomfort and possible health issues related to trapped body heat during the hot weather. In addition, it will prevent excessive sweating and stickiness when worn for lengthy periods. Jackets and sweaters should have soft inner lining and be sturdy enough to provide sufficient warmth during cold weather.

Easy Cleaning

Select uniform materials that are generally easy to clean for the convenience of the team members. Avoid fabrics that stain easily and those with high affinity to dust and decide which cleaning options are the best in time. Most people will favour dry cleaning or washable tailoring but it is advisable to ask for the team’s contribution on the preferable alternative.


The financial liability of club uniforms can be high, and the sponsoring parties will be burdened unnecessarily. There are good professional-grade fabrics sold at an affordable price in different stores, and the impact will be almost as excellent as with the premium choices. For instance, you can choose uniforms with purely synthetic polyester fibres instead of a mixture of wool and synthetic materials for better prices.


The lifespan of clothes is directly linked to the durability of the fabric, so you should be keen about this aspect. The cloth should be resistance to damage from abrasion, and it should have superior crease recovery. The tailored uniform should also be resilient such that it will not show signs of wear and tear due to frequent use. Colourfast materials are highly desirable in club uniforms, especially when regularly worn and cleaning is necessary. Remember that faded clothes will represent the team poorly, and frequent replacements will be too expensive.

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Author: Elizabeth Engel Hardt

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