Frequently Asked Questions About Renting Wedding Suits

If you are part of a groom’s wedding party and you need to rent a suit for the occasion, you will need to visit the designated wedding suit rental shop to get your clothes. But if this is your first time being in a wedding and renting a suit, you probably have a few questions about the rental process. So to help you out, here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions.

What Is the Alteration Process? — Typically, most wedding suit rental shops will offer a tailor on premises, who can make adjustments to your trousers and jackets should the need arise. If the adjustments are minor, the tailor may be able to do the work while you wait, but if the adjustments are more labour intensive, you will have to come back at a later time to fit your suit once more. Since you are renting and not buying the suit, most wedding suit hire shops will not permit you to take the suit to an off-site tailor, unless it’s someone with whom they do frequent business.

What Happens If OneTears Or Rip the Suit? — Almost every wedding rental shop requires you to leave a credit card as a security deposit for this kind of occurrence. Any damage to the wedding suit that wasn’t noted when you rented it is your responsibility. So in that instance, you would have to pay for repairs to the suit, and if the suit can’t be repaired, you will bear the cost of a full replacement. In most cases, you retain possession of a suit that isn’t repairable, and the wedding suit shop manager will use the credit card you left as a security deposit to pay for the replacement.

What Are the Most Common Wedding Suit Styles? — There are several styles that are popular, including a traditional satin lapin black suit with flat-front or pleated pants and a bow-tie, also known as a tuxedo-style suit. For a  wedding that is extremely formal and upscale, the morning tail black jacket, which hangs down to your mid-hamstring in the back with a black vest and white shirt is also quite popular. Another traditional wedding suit that’s in vogue is the striped two-button fitted jacket with peak lapels and side vents with a white vest and matching striped trousers. If you want something that isn’t black, you can opt for a charcoal-colored suit and trousers with a black shirt, which is slightly off traditional, but gives you a classy non-black option.

Author: Elizabeth Engel Hardt

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